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Spiritual Author and Teacher



New Book Release

Painting With God

Unlock the secrets of Creative Expression, Healing and The Kundalini

  • Connect with God on a much deeper level creatively, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

  • Tap your own healing energy and greatly enhance your creativity

  • Link with your Kundalini, the true power of healing

  • Find the path to God within

  • God has revealed himself to me through healing, love and light and has enhanced my creativity through my art - a miracle for me

Daily Affirmation

God is with me
I am healing
I have nothing to fear

Paint Tubes

About Adrian Keats

Adrian Keats is a Canadian spiritual author, teacher and artist from Toronto.  He spent his life dedicated to his spiritual growth, development of his intuitive and psychic abilities as well as many avenues of creative expression.  Adrian has taught classes, lectured on speaking with spirit, developed psychic abilities and perhaps most importantly in recent years helped others with their awareness of their inner light, healing abilities and opportunities to speak with God. Adrian presently teaches classes on energy, intuition and spiritual self-development, and writes spiritual books.

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